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When to Hire a Plumber to Unclog Your Drain

If you notice that your shower drain is running slower than usual or that your sink isn’t draining properly, it may be a good idea to call a plumber. However, a plumbing company may charge a premium for both labor and any parts needed to make a quality drain repair. Therefore, when is it in your best interest to fix a drain yourself versus calling in a professional?

When to Fix a Drain Yourself

It may be possible to fix a slow drain by using gel or concentrated liquid to blast hair or other debris through the pipe. It may also be possible to snake a coat hanger or another piece of wire through the drain and manually break up a clog. Finally, some clogs may be removed by pouring hot water down the drain for about 20 to 30 seconds. In a worst case scenario, none of these techniques work, and you have to call a professional for help fixing the drain. In a best case scenario, the drain is cleared with a minimal investment of time or money.

When to Call a Professional For Help

When water is not going down the drain at all, it may be time to call in a professional. The same may be true if water is overflowing from a sink, toilet or tub. In addition to calling a plumber, it may be necessary to call a water damage specialist to take care of any problems caused by the excess moisture.

How Soon Can a Professional Arrive?

If your tub or sink is not overflowing, it may not be worth it to ask for emergency assistance. Instead, it may be best to make an appointment for the next morning or the next business day. However, if a sink, tub or toilet is overflowing, you need help as soon as possible. The same may be true if the water is dark, thick or has a foul odor.

Don’t Attempt Any Repair That You Can’t Complete Safely

You should never stick your hand down a drain unless you know that you can get it back out. Furthermore, you should never use tools that you are unfamiliar with or can’t use properly. By attempting a repair that you can’t complete in a safe manner, you could find yourself paying a hospital bill on top of money spent on a plumber.

If you have a slow, clogged or damaged drain, you may need the help of a professional plumber. He or she can diagnose and repair the issue in a timely manner no matter when you need help. That can be especially helpful for landlords or others who can’t wait until Monday for quality drain repair. There are more useful resources available at Drain Rescue Plumbers.

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Should You Choose a Highly-Textured Hardwood Floor

Wood flooring is coveted in many homes, and you may understandably want to enjoy the rich, sophisticated look for this type of home flooring as well. If you have decided to move forward with the installation of new hardwood floor in one or more rooms of your home to add value and beauty to your property, your attention may now be focused on selecting the right type of wood for the project. Wood type and color are two of the most important factors that homeowners initially focus their attention on, and you have an overwhelming number of choices to consider. In addition to making a thoughtful decision based on these factors, you may also consider the texture of the wood before you finalize your installation plans.

The Sheen on the Floor
The texture of hardwood floor directly affects the floor’s sheen. At one time, it was commonplace and popular for homeowners to choose a smooth, high-gloss finish for hardwood flooring NYC. However, many homeowners are moving away from this and are choosing a textured look with a low-gloss finish. The sheen or gloss of the floor can affect the lighting in the room, and this can influence your home’s ambiance or décor in different ways

Wear and Tear on the Floor
Textured floors may feel great on the feet, but they also have another benefit. Wood floors will undoubtedly get scratched and dented with regular use, and textured flooring has the excellent benefit of partially concealing floor imperfections. This means that your floor may continue to look great for a longer period of time if you have a heavily-textured wood floor.

Maintenance and Cleaning Requirements
Some people worry that a textured wood floor would be difficult to clean because dirt may get trapped in the striations. However, in reality, textured flooring can conceal dust and dirt so that you spend less time cleaning the floor than you otherwise wood with a smooth floor. With a smooth, high-gloss floor, you may find yourself sweeping or mopping on a daily basis to remove every speck of dirt that falls on it. To remove dirt from the crevices in a textured floor, sweeping or using a hard floor vacuum are both usually effective.

Selecting the right floor to install in your home is rarely a simple task. While you may have been relieved to have finally made a decision about which type of wood and which color of stain to install in your home, you also must consider the factor of texture before you finalize your decision. As you can see, this important factor can influence your home décor as well as your maintenance needs for years to come.

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