4 Fantastic Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

In addition to traditional landscaping involving your lawn, shrubbery and trees, you might also consider landscaping structures if you want your yard to reflect your personality. And while DIY is all well and good, for things like pests or fire pit installations it’s often better to turn to a professional. Keep in mind that since your yard represents a sanctuary for family and friends, comfort, functionality and fun should always be incorporated into its features.

1. Pergolas, Gazebos, Decks and Sheds

A pergola, gazebo, deck or shed can easily be the most prominent feature in any landscape – aside from the house itself. Certainly, any one or more of these elements can be an excellent way to introduce a new landscape design when your old one seems a bit dated. Large outdoor features like this serve as an anchor for everything when you’re landscaping. Keep in mind, structures like this often require the installation of plumbing and electricity, which again is best left to a professional.

2. Masonry and Patio Design

An elegant patio design and beautiful masonry can add a lot to a landscape. But to say that it’s hard work to install masonry and layout a patio is an understatement. The rocks, bricks, concrete and would most often used in patio design will require a lot of heavy lifting – even if you only move one bit at a time. But before you set a landscaping contractor to work, make sure that you have a design fully laid out. Last-minute changes can be difficult and expensive.

3. Dealing with Pests

Whenever you have greenery planted outside – regardless of whether it’s your lawn, flowers or vegetables – you can be sure they’re going to be bugs trying to destroy what you planted. While you don’t need to get rid of all of the bugs in your yard – bees are excellent for pollinating flowers – you will want to get rid of the ones causing the damage. An integrated approach to dealing with pests can help you tilt the balance toward useful bugs rather than damaging ones without drowning your landscape in toxic chemicals.

4. Fire Pits

If you want your outdoor space to be just as enjoyable during the winter as it is in the summer, installing a fire pit can give you a toasty warm fire throughout the year. But in addition to warm, fire pits can add a bit of light your landscape, create a romantic ambiance or even let you cook up a hot meal. The three principal types of fire pits are above ground, in-ground and built into a tabletop. Within these types is a wide range of styles, functions and sizes.

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