5 Bizarre Items Plumbers Find in Drains

When it comes to giving proper advice on how to prevent pipes and drain blockages, your local plumbing company and plumber Toronto, will focus more on the things which cause drain blockage. The logic of prevention being given utmost priority, hence avoid drain repair. While many plumbers will tell you some of the most common things which you should throw in your sink, plumbers have bumped into some very bizarre items while repairing drain or unblocking drains.

Well, many will be shocked how some of these things ended up in the drain. Not to mention the fact that they were removed successfully by the drain cleaning service.

  1. A functioning Electric Razor:

When the toilet got clogged, nobody knew what the cause was. So when the local plumber was called and decided to feed his snake down the clogged drain, the whole house was shocked. The entire toilet started to vibrate. It happened that the home cat had knocked down the owner’s electric razor in the toilet and when the plumber’s snake was fed down the toilet’s drain, it ended up hitting the power on button on the electric razor. Well the plumber managed to remove the razor and unclog the drain.

  1. A Live Cannon Shell from the Civil War:

Most of the sewer systems in our cities depend on the old mains. These mains sometime shave antique oddities. When an excavation was being carried out in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the plumbers were shocked to find a cannon shell from the Civil War that was still. The canon might have been left behind when the city was bombarded back in 1863. The plumbers opted to call Army experts and specialists to come and remove the shell since they didn’t have the professional experience to do so.

  1. An Army Toy:

In Bloomington, Illinois, a three year old lad decided that it could be more fun if his GI Joe toy practiced a deep sea rescue mission. So he opted to use the family toilet. The more Joe never came back after being sent to the rescue mission, the “commander” decided to send more soldiers into the sea. The boy sent even additional Matchbox cars. At the end of the day the plumber had 15 toys that were rescued from the drain. No more rescue missions in the washroom.

  1. A bunch of Miniature Liquor Bottles:

Drinking at work is very illegal. Well, one employee in a hotel tried to find a trick on how to get some alcohol in his system at work. The employee would bring in alcohol in miniature bottles, then after drinking, he would flash the bottles. Well, after several weeks of successful drinking at work, the plan went from effective to defective. The hotel drainage system was blocked and every tap and sink was overflowing. The plumbers were called and found a large pile of miniature alcohol bottles in the drains.

  1. False Teeth:

Well, if you have false teeth, then you might notice that they pretty much are very good at causing drain blockages. Well, nobody bothers to get back their false teeth when they have been marinated with wastewater. All in one, in UK one utility provided came up with a service and website to reconnect individuals with their lost false teeth.


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