6 Common Misconceptions about Steel Buildings

You will hear a lot of things about steel buildings on the internet and from your friends. However, some of that information is just misconception meant to discourage you from buying or constructing steel garages. Here are some of those myths debunked.

1. A steel building is unattractive

Most people envision a steel building as a simple storage building or a boxy warehouse structure. Well, such buildings still exist. However, you can customize your steel building to suit your project needs. You must have driven past a steel building without even noticing it because it has been designed using the new manufacturing techniques in the industry. Technological advancements have enhanced the aesthetic designs, colors, looks, and textures of a steel building.

2. The building will rust

Steel garages are regularly exposed to elements that cause rust and oxidation. Rust is ugly, and it can be annoying. However, you don’t have to wait until your steel building becomes rusty. You need to purchase galvanized steel for your garage. Galvanization extends your building’s life, and it requires low maintenance, which guarantees you several decades of low maintenance.

3. The buildings cannot withstand high heat

Most people think that a steel building can melt itself if exposed to intense heat such as chemical fire or wildfire. The truth is that steel has a melting temperature of about 2,500 degrees. Therefore, it can take in damages at temperatures that make most other building materials completely useless. Wood will become ash quickly, concrete will disintegrate, and window glass will become liquid long before the steel buildings meltdown. For more resources, the Future Buildings website may provide you with additional information.

4. The buildings are too costly

Big projects cost a substantial amount of money. However, steel guarantees you flexibility, durability, and major cost savings than most construction materials. Pre-engineered buildings can be assembled quickly, and that means a reduction in construction costs. That means that a steel building is not as costly as most people think.

5. The buildings cannot expand or be altered

You can modify your steel garage or building to allow for expansion and alterations easily and faster than other traditional building materials such as mortar, wood or bricks. That is a good enough reason why you need to buy or construct a steel building for your business to accommodate growth. You can easily integrate new structures to the steel building.

6. The buildings are complex to build

It is the most common myth about steel buildings. A pre-engineered steel building is easy to erect. You can quickly construct a prefab garage with the help of an expert, but you can still assemble without the help of a contractor. You just need to follow the step by step guidelines on your erecting package after you have finalized on the building’s design.

Steel buildings are energy efficient and cost-effective. Business owners can consider these buildings to accommodate their growing businesses. You just need to select a reputable supplier and ship the pre-designed steel building of your choice.

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