9 Things Every AC Owner Needs to Know about their Air Conditioner

As an AC owner, it is essential that you need to know about your air conditioning unit to maintain and service them regularly to make them serve you longer. Who doesn’t want to get into a home with cool air breezing from the air conditioners after a long day’s work out in the hot sunny yard.

This article highlights nine things that you need to know as an AC owner.

  1. How and why change your filters?

If you didn’t know that dirty filters will most likely kill your AC’s efficiency, then there is a likely chance that you have never checked or even changed them. So, you need to find the time and check your AC filters and even change them on a regular basis, preferably every month. Filters have a minimum efficiency reporting value that you can use as a reference to gauge whether they need to be changed or not.

  1. How and why to fix your AC leaks

Ducts can at times lose up to 30% of the air flowing through them as a result of leaks. For window units, especially, properly sealing the AC system without damaging the ducts can be a hectic fete and in most cases, many people fail to do this properly. If you feel some air, circling in your home that is not coming from the ducts, then be sure that you have a leak in your AC.

  1. How and why to use a timer?

You can always use the AC system timer to control the time your AC starts to pump cool air in your house and when to stop. You don’t have to let it run for the whole time that you are at work and keep letting it run throughout the night as well.

  1. How and why to serve compressors

AC air compressors work best when you install them about 24 inches away from other obstacles in all directions. You shouldn’t also put them in direct sunlight.

  1. How and why to keep your unit cool?

You can extend your air conditioning system’s life by ensuring you keep it cool and prevent it from overheating. You can do this by covering it from direct sunlight.

  1. How and why to maintain your unit?

You should ensure that your AC has a yearly cleaning schedule that will clean all the AC components. You need to schedule this maintenance process before the beginning of the cooling season, ie. The hot seasons.

  1. How and why to get airflow

Don’t close all the doors and windows of your home with your AC turned on. This will interfere with the normal airflow of the AC. If you are looking to have some privacy, then you can opt to leave the doors and windows slightly ajar for air to freely flow through them.

  1. How and why to upgrade

You need to look at the SEER of your AC to check its energy-efficiency ratio. The current federal laws require that all AC systems work more efficiently compared to the ones that were on sale over ten years ago.

  1. Why and how to insulate

You also need to know how to maintain the ducts in small attics and crawl spaces as well. The air that runs in these ducts need to be cool as well, and you can use batt insulation or spray foam to insulate the AC ducts.

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