Debunking These 5 Common Myths About Furnace Repair

Take some time and think for a second about the brand of your furnace, its energy efficiency, and size. Do you know these simple details about your home furnace? If you do, then you may be in the clear. But you realize that most homeowners have no clue about almost anything about their home furnaces. Maybe except for the fact that they should turn on and off when switched. As a result, these homeowners can easily fall victims of some of the typical home furnace repair myths that rock this industry. Luckily, this article aims to set the record straight by busting 5 of the most common myths about home furnace repairs.

1. DIY furnace repair is faster

Not true. You will quickly come to realize that furnace troubleshooting needs a lot more than just some basic knowledge you got from the internet. First, you need to find the root of the problem in the furnace. And this alone can be a huge deal especially if you have no clue about furnace repairs. Choosing to DIY your furnace repair could also lead to you performing the wrong service, and that can further lead to more complications. It is wise to hire a professional who has years of experience working with furnaces to check your machine. If possible, hire from the company of the furnace that you bought the machine from. They have a more, in-depth knowledge of the furnace.

2. Selecting a higher thermostat setting for your furnace will heat your home faster

Well, in as much as this idea seems logical and looks to make a lot of sense, it isn’t. Furnaces work more like a light switch; it is either on or off. And any extra heat setting on the system will only be a complete waste. Furnaces don’t work like dimmer switches. You need to exercise a little patience and wait for your equipment to get you to the right temperature.

3. You can save more money and energy by turning your system off when not using it

Again, this option also looks to make a lot of sense and seems like logical reasoning. But what most furnace owners don’t know is that starting a furnace system takes up more power compared to running it on low. So, instead of turning the system off every time you are not using it, you can invest in a system that can modulate power at lower settings.

4. Always go for the cheapest estimate

This is a false way of thinking. Just because you found a company or furnace brand that is way less than the others does not mean that you should work with them. Here is where you think quality and standard over everything else. Do the job right and save yourself a lot of repair and maintenance costs in the near future.

5. Furnace filters are all the same

Not true. If you have used different furnaces, then you should already know that different furnaces are designed with specifications for different types of filters. To find the right filter for your furnace, you can check in the manufacturer’s manual or contact the manufacturer. If you want your furnace to work efficiently, you will need to have the right tools for it. And the filter is one of those tools.

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