How to Decorate Around a TV on a Large Wall

Interior design doesn’t have to be something that only professionals can conduct. With a little bit of creativity, you can recreate the inside of your home to something extraordinary. From the kitchen to the bedroom, there are numerous ways to show off your personalized taste. The same sentiment applies to decorating around appliances.

Take, for example, your TV. No matter if you keep your box of entertainment in a wall unit or mounted, you can apply some decorative techniques. This is especially true for the wall itself, even if yours is rather large.

Here is a guide on how to decorate around a TV on a large wall:

1. Make Space

When it comes to decorating around your TV on a large wall, making space is vital. To get the perfect setup, you’ll need to ensure that your TV can proportionately fit in its designated area. Putting your TV on a wall that is too small does a disservice to your viewing capabilities. As such, ensure that there is ample space around on all sides.

Start by analyzing the wall itself. Try to place it on an area that has at least a few inches of empty space on all sides. Once you determine that it has, you are already well on your way. If you are planning to add extra decorations around the TV, keep the inch rule in mind as well!

2. Wall Colour

Creativity, as it pertains to decorating around your TV, doesn’t have to end at decorative furnishings. The colour of the large wall itself will matter just as much. This usually comes down to enhancing the overall theme of the room. When a TV is placed on a correctly-coloured wall, the resulting image is much more pleasant.

For the best possible theme, keep your wall colour to a neutral shade. The best possible picks for this theme are either black, white, or shades in between the two. It is a choice that is totally up to you; just don’t go overboard with the hues. Brightly coloured walls can become a distracting eye sore, especially if you plan on watching TV for longer periods.

3. Surrounding Art

One of the best parts about using a large wall to place your TV is the space to be used. With enough space in tow, you’ll be able to apply some chic, decorative materials around the TV. Placing various pieces of framed art around the TV can create a fantastic visual. If done correctly, your wall may look like a room in a museum!

The key things to keep in mind here is consistency and quantity. Don’t overload your wall with framed pictures; you’ll still want to keep some empty space on the wall. For the art itself, feel free to experiment! You can use wholesale home decor, paintings, or even pictures of loved ones if you fancy it.

4. Wall Unit Incorporation

For those of you who don’t really prefer a minimalistic look on their wall, wall units may be the best option. Even though wall units can hold multiple items, it can still look like an eyesore if not decorated correctly. One of the best ways to creatively get around this is, again, to implement spacing.

Try your best to keep the wall unit’s items to a minimum. Only place what you need inside of it, so that the visual doesn’t detract from your decorative plans. In addition, the wall unit itself has to have enough space on both sides. Since you are most likely using a larger wall for the placement, this shouldn’t be an issue!

5. Lighting

Sometimes, the room that you are in may not have adequate lighting. This can severely impact the way in which you view your favourite shows. To brighten up the wall where your TV is placed, install a couple lamps on the left and right side. Make sure they are appropriately-sized, so that they can brighten the area accordingly. If you want extra lighting, consider investing in a white gloss TV stand that has LED lights.

6. Floating Shelves

Another great option for those who do not want wall units is to install some floating shelves. With the right space above your TV, a couple of these shelves can drastically improve the décor in your targeted room.

7. Plants

Adding a bit of green to your line of sight can be relatively healthy too! Depending on your tastes, you can choose to go with a couple large plants, or a few, mounted small ones. Don’t forget to water them when needed!

8. Fireplace Mounting

For those of you who have a fireplace, why not use it your advantage? Generally speaking, the wall in which your fireplace is located will have ample space above it. Place your TV here, for an incredibly chic look.

Decorating around your TV doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, the most challenging part is deciding what to do with the available space. Keep things to a minimum, and your large wall will appear elegant beyond belief!

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