What Can You Eat with Dental Implants: 7 Different Foods

Many times, we may take for granted how essential eating is. Food is imperative for all living beings. No matter what the product is, satisfying a craving or our hunger will be something to contend with daily. In some cases, the mere act of consuming food could be a bit hard to deal with.

That is because it comes down to how our mouth performs when used. Many folks do not have teeth, for example, which necessitates the need for dental implants. Once successfully placed into a patient’s mouth, these implants can make eating somewhat challenging.

Before listing the recommended food products, it is important to discuss timing. Naturally, you will not be able to eat your favourite snacks after a procedure. Or, you may find it difficult to eat even soft food products immediately after the process. The journey of receiving your implants is important to take into consideration.

For example, liquid foods will be your best bet if you have just received your dental implants. Or, once two or three weeks have elapsed, you could consider eating more solid foods. It just depends on what your current situation is before consuming food. Down the line, you will be thankful that you went through the first couple of hard weeks of recovery!

Here are seven different foods you can eat with dental implants:

Food #1: Soups

As mentioned previously, the immediate aftermath of the operation will be difficult on your mouth. That is why experts recommend consuming a liquid-based diet for the first few days. One of the best and most popular items to consider is soup. That is because you have a ton of options to consume outright.

Soups can be made out of a simple broth or have softer ingredients added inside. If you are going with the latter, ensure the ingredients are cooked soft. You do not want to risk hurting the oral area by biting down harder than needed. Stick with the softer foods in your soup, and you will be good to go.

Food #2: Yogurt

Maintaining a liquid-based diet can be hard, especially once the hunger naturally sets in. Eventually, you will crave the sweeter side of food, from your usual desserts to fruit. While the first few days post-operation can be difficult, try to eat yogurt to fill your cravings. Like soup, yogurt is soft outright and can be prepared in several ways.

Many yogurt products also come packed with natural flavourings inside. This means you do not have to sacrifice taste just to get your calories in. Down the line, you can add other toppings, depending on how well your recovery is going. From chia seeds to blueberries, feel free to put in as much as you desire!

Food #3: Mashed Potatoes

One of the best parts about a potato is that it can be prepared in several delectable formats. For those who have just received their dental implants, preparing them in a mashed format can be for the best.

Or, if you have sweet potatoes lying around, a sweet potato mash can also be delicious. Don’t forget to mix them in with ingredients like cheese or spices!

Food #4: Omelets

As your recovery from the operation improves, you can try to eat foods with different compositions. Omelets, prepared from eggs, can be one of the best meals to make in this regard.

Like soup, omelets can include several ingredients, which are all served to make the meal delectable.

Food #5: Smoothies

Another great concoction to consume is a smoothie. These flavourful and fulfilling drinks can be prepared in any number of ways. One of the most popular ones includes mixing various fruits and vegetables.

Blend them all up, add some coconut milk, and your hunger will soon dissipate.

Food #6: Fruits

Speaking of fruits, you may want to try out a few harder pieces after your jaw area has healed. From apples to pears, these items will surely satisfy any craving you may have currently.

Initially, however, make sure to consume the softer items, such as a banana. They are just as delicious while being incredibly easy to eat daily.

Food #7: Non-Chewy Foods

Even though it may be a bit tempting, you should try to stay away from chewy foods. These products may taste good, but they can end up doing more damage to your mouth.

Food items such as nuts could be consumed in the future, but only after recovery. Eventually, you can consume as much as you’d like!

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