7 Different Ways on How to Style a Living Room

So you are having company for the first time in your new home, but you don’t know how to present yourself. There are ways and clever ideas to style your living room. If you’re relaxed, make it cool, laid back. For a business meeting, make it structured. Whatever you decide, the whole introduction to your house from most is based, after the foyer, to the living room.

The living room is called such for a reason – largely, you live there. You’re television, video game system, stereo system and other things you want to show off to impress others are there. It makes an impression.

To make the right impression, you should learn how to style a living room properly. Here are seven aspects of how to style a living room in your house:

1. Furniture

It’s often hard to figure out what kind of modern furniture you want people to sit on/eat and drink on. But there is one thing, no matter what style you want that is key. You’re furniture should be open, giving a lot of room to walk around to allow guests to walk around.

The key here is access, in case a guest must use the facilities at any point, but also comfort. People feel more comfortable when they are not in an enclosed area. The trick for how to style a living room is to make it as warm and inviting as possible.

2. Rugs

Here’s where it comes as a matter of taste. If you’re wealthy, I would assume you have taste in some of the finer rugs of the world. The film The Big Lebowski was entirely started because someone urinated on a lonesome stoner’s rug, inciting a series of events that turned into a loose Raymond Chandler-esque detective story.

You don’t need someone to pee on your rug to know that rugs can make your room fancy and important and even welcoming. Obviously, you have to like the rug, but what’s more important is size. Make sure it covers the table, and maybe a footstool. You don’t want your rug outstaging the rest of your room, just a nice appetizer to an otherwise welcoming area. Too small or too big, it may look disjointed akin to the rest of the home.

3. Art

Empty walls feel like an empty person. Whatever your personality, express yourself. Perhaps, like this writer, you’re a cinema buff and want a bunch of movie posters adorn the walls of your living room; The Enforcer, Jaws, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Halloween, but that’s just me.

If you’re more of a Frasier Crane type, perhaps a lovely work of art, or a faux copy of such would suit you to be high-class. Either way, you don’t want the walls naked. It would give the room an institutional feel.

4. Lighting

Lighting is especially important during parties, as it sets a tone. You normally want a light, airy sense of light. Perhaps during seasons such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, you want to make the like give off a sense of warmth.

The key to good lighting for a living room is ambiance, which you absolutely have complete control over. So set it how you want people behave. There have been studies that suggest lighting effects mood. So set the mood how you will.

5. Paint Colours

In The Devil’s Advocate, an early Charlize Theron is heavily frustrated decorating her living room. It may be the influence of Satan at the time, but in reality it is an incredibly frustrating process.

In order to style a living room, you should make it the most welcoming area of your home. So you want colours that make sense with the rest of your home, but making the living room stand out is certainly an interesting way to go.

6. For the Tiny Rooms

Perhaps your home doesn’t have a lot of space. If this is the case, there are ways that can still make the living room comfortable for guests that come for a quick cup of coffee or a drink. You may not be able to throw a full-on party, but you can occasionally entertain company that stops by on the way to whereever you plan to head to next. This will have include all the previous ideas; lighting, paint, posters or art and furniture. Make it as laid back as you possibly can.

7. Anchorage

It’s incredibly important to make your living room anchored. You can’t just throw in furniture willy-nilly. It’s a special room, one that you only invite those you like or want to impress, so gather your equipment to keep up with the latest in style. Make it look good, keeping things symmetrical. A good piece of advice is to design your room, then step away from it. The first thing that catches your eye is probably the worst distraction, therefore you must remove it or move it over to somewhere else.

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