9 Most Common Signs of a Cheating Husband Cell Phone

Being unfaithful has never been easier, or prevalent. According to a YouGov/The Economist poll in 2015, approximately 20 per cent of people have admitted to being unfaithful within a committed relationship. Other studies, including a General Social Survey in 2017, have revealed the demographics of cheating, too. For example, men are more likely than women to cheat, although this gap has narrowed in recent years. Seniors, college educated, and liberal-leaning folks have admitted to cheating.

Why do people cheat? The reasons vary, from an unsatisfied sex life to caving to your thriving biological desires. But if you are unhappy with your partner, why not just break up with him or her? Why must there be deception? These are hard questions to answer, and if you do find that he or she has committed adultery, you can confront that person and try to understand the justification.

Thanks to the Internet, mobile devices, and digital services, you can hook up with somebody other than your significant other. You no longer need to meet someone at work or at a bar to cheat. You can peruse profiles, connect with that person, and then begin the affair. It has become a process.

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? What’s more, do you think your spouse is using the online world to engage in infidelity? Well, it is important to determine if there are any signs of this behaviour. You can hire a private investigator to help you seek answers. In addition, there are various subtle signs that you can pick up by observing your husband’s behaviour.

Here are nine signs of a cheating husband via his cell phone:

Sign #1: A name keeps showing up on the phone

One of the most obvious signs of a cheating husband cell phone is a name is always showing up on his phone. Do you see a name repeatedly show up on your partner’s phone, email, or social media? What’s more, do you not know who this person is? And one more thing: Is the name from someone of the opposite sex? Well, this could be a sign that your significant other has entered a relationship with somebody.

Sign #2: Your husband laughs at his phone

Let’s face it: We are on our mobile phones way too much. But has it gotten to a point where your spouse is on the phone constantly, even in your company? Well, if that is the case, it is problematic. Your fears of your partner cheating on you could be amplified if he or she is routinely laughing at the phone.

Sign #3: Your husband is protective over phone

Back in the day, your partner would be nonchalant about leaving the smartphone or laptop lying around. Lately, however, your significant other is overprotective. If your partner sees you even near the mobile device, he or she will run to it and prevent you from looking at it. That is bad, and you should be worried that bigger problems could be arising.

Sign #4: Your husband created new accounts

When you first got to know your partner, he or she had an email and a Facebook account. Today, your partner has multiple accounts on multiple platforms. This may be a sign that your partner is trying to hide his or her infidelity and remain in contact with the person he or she is having an affair with.

Sign #5: Your husband leaves a digital trail

Fortunately, no matter how hard your partner will try to keep the infidelity under wraps, your spouse will always leave behind a digital trail. This could be an opened email, an unchecked text message, or somebody mentioning something on an open forum that you have access to. There will routinely be something you come across that proves an affair is happening.

Sign #6: Husband changed his behaviour

Many times, it could be easy spotting an affair based on your partner’s behaviour. Has your partner become moody, distant, or evasive? It is these types of new characteristics that could be indicators that something is going on romantically with someone else.

Sign #7: Your husband spends more time on his phone

As we said, if your partner is spending more time on his or her phone than with you, then you might have bigger problems than infidelity. Overall, if your spouse is always on the computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop – and on any of the social media networks – it could be more than likely he or she is communicating the lover.

Sign #8: Your husband meets people you don’t know

Is it wrong that your partner is meeting people who you do not know? Not everyone is on board with this idea as they would prefer to meet the people your spouse plans to spend time with, whether at the pub or at the movie theatre. This is especially true if that individual is a member of the opposite sex. No matter what others say, we generally have an uncomfortable feeling about our partners having personal time with someone from the opposite sex.

Sign #9: Your husband is anti-relationship

Is your partner suddenly sharing anti-relationship memes online? Is he or she complaining about love and marriage? Is your spouse making jokes about longtime marriages? Either your partner is disenchanted with your relationship, or is your spouse is having a fling that he does not believe will resort to anything else.

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