4 Ways A Driveway Alarms Helps Homeowners In Civil Matters

Homes with a private driveway come with several huge benefits. The obvious one is the driveway eliminates the need to always search for a parking space upon arriving home. A drawback to owning a home with a driveway is other vehicles might use the driveway to perform an easier K-turn after going down the wrong street. Concerns about strangers using the driveway leads homeowners to install a driveway alarm. This type of alarm provides an alert when someone’s vehicle travels onto the driveway.

Home dwellers really do need to be made aware of what any stranger’s vehicle is doing on their property. Being passive about vehicles moving onto a driveway is not a good idea. The presence of others on the property increases the chances for civil suits. An alarm helps address certain civil issues in the following four ways:

1. Homeowners can quickly discover if any damage occurs.

A car drives onto the driveway and knocks over a mailbox. The car pulls away. This likely would be considered a “hit and run” misdemeanor and the homeowner could be left with the losses associated with property damage. Once the driveway motion sensor alerts a home’s residents, attention can be directed to the vehicle and any actions that occur. If property damage results, the residents will know about it immediately.

2. Identifying a driver who causes harm is possible.

In addition to seeing a driver cause damage on the property, being alerted to the presence of the driver makes it possible to write down or photograph the license plate. This way, if the driver chooses to abscond from the scene, the license plate and a description of the driver can be reported to the police.

3. Residents can keep trespassers off the property.

A driver, for whatever reason, may pull into the driveway and exit the vehicle. Maybe he/she is lost and wants to get his/her bearings. Doing so might be trespassing. A homeowner may be worried about civil or even criminal liabilities present when people trespass. Without the presence of a wireless alarm, the trespasser may remain on the premises. With the alarm, the homeowner could ask the person to leave and call the police if the driver doesn’t depart.

4. Alarms can be connected to video cameras.

Homeowners can’t exactly be home all the time. With modern smart-home security systems, options exist for those who wish to maintain enhanced security in the driveway. The drive alert, when set off, can turn on a security camera to record anything that happens in the driveway. Hopefully, nothing serious happens. If an incident does occur, at least video images can tell the tale. If you would like to learn more, the Absolute Automation Inc website is a helpful source for information.

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