6 Plants to Grow for Privacy Landscaping

Landscaping is the art of planning and layout and construction of gardens with the aim of enhancing the appearance of any available outdoor space in homes. Landscapers must have some knowledge of horticulture as well as the principles of landscaping for them to transform a space into beautiful scenery.

Landscaping is not all about display; most people do not know that it is possible to design a landscape that is not only beautiful but also creates a sense of privacy. Well, there are plants that you can incorporate into your landscaping plan to achieve some level of privacy. We recommends that you plant the following plants.


The arborvitae thick and evergreen foliage will give you maximum privacy. The plant often grows into a dense hedge much faster and especially if it is well spaced. The arborvitae is excellent for landscaping because of its ability to tolerate most soil conditions and is also low maintenance.

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The bamboo plant will grow within a shorter period to create a thick bush that will give you an ideal level of privacy. Bamboo is also low maintenance hence will not give you a hard time. The bamboo plant has been in use for a long time as a live fence thus there is no harm in incorporating it into your privacy landscaping plan.

bamboo 1

Skip Laurel

The skip laurel can grow up to 10foot giving you the right amount of privacy in your home. At maturity, the plant will create dense foliage that will provide you with a lot of privacy.The skip laurel does well in well-drained soil to create a natural hedge by spring.


Another great plant for privacy landscaping is the privet. It grows an average of three feet per year with proper care to give an excellent hedge. Once the plants are mature enough, it will create a thick edge that will give your home a good level of privacy. The advantage of privet is that it requires less maintenance during its growth but is quite beneficial to your landscape.

Green leaves - Privet / Ligustrum


Boxwood is known for its decorative use in landscaping, but it’s also ideal for use in creating privacy in your landscape plan. The Boxwood if left to grow freely without too much pruning, it will become about 20feet tall to form a beautiful scenery and a beautiful natural wall in your home.

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Red Twig Dogwood

This plant can grow up to 8feet in height, and 10 feet in width hence can provide enough privacy to your home. One advantage of including the red twig in your landscaping is that of its faster growth as well as its beautiful leaves that will leave your gardening appealing whole year round. The red twig also does well in extreme temperatures and even in bad soils hence a natural plant to keep in your landscape.

Now that you know the various plants that can give your landscaping plan an appealing look as well as give your home some degree of privacy, there is no need to limit yourself to some boring landscapes. You can try planting the above plants and see how they can transform the final outlook of your home.

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